In the heart of Europe's “green Region”

Pietranico and Terre di Casauria. A small plot of land between Gran Sasso and Maiella National Parks.

Rugged hills, rocky mountains, ravines. And wheat fields, olive groves, isolated villages, ancient abbeys. Not far away, the Adriatic sea.

Multi-faceted, wild, and remote land. Here the human trace is almost invisible.


Buried in the elements of Nature and in the nature of the Elements, the landscape here makes us resonate with our soul.

The buzzards spinning in the sky, the wheat dancing to the winds. Footsteps of wild boars, wolves, and roe deers. Clay and limestone, clover and blackberry bushes.

In everything lies the sense of the place.

The opportunities to re-discover a deep contact with Nature are endless: walks and trekkings, bicycle routes and horse rides, mountain trails, visits to parks, lakes and natural reserves.


We read about the quality recognition of local vineyards in the Medieval monastic chronicles linked to the life of the near San Clemente a Casauria abbey.

The grapes harvested in Pietranico were crushed in the rock basins strategically located close to the main vineyards, mostly in the area named “Contrada Vasca” (literally “basin district”), where Caprera farm lies today.

The grape must was then transferred to near villages, to be processed in local cellars or shipped to other parts of Italy by railway.