From wine to wine, passing by the earth

It all started from a glass. Of wine, of course. A stunning taste. The first true wine in my life. A winemaker that becomes a friend, the experience of a Sicilian harvest, then a small vineyard for rent, almost for fun. Then came the biodynamic agricuture and permaculture classes. The artisan wine fairs. And the organization of a local one with my friends. The call of a land that always felt so far from me. A belief that grew day by day. Finally, the decision to start.
We have no family tradition in farming, nor specific studies behind. Readings, classes, exchange with colleagues and professionals. Every day we learn something. This is a truly exciting, stimulating, beautiful work. So complex and difficult. Every day is different. Like the seasons. Like the vintages. It all started from a glass. And there it went back. In between, the earth.

About us

Alfonso and I - Luca Paolo - are family friends since forever. We started this journey together in 2012, when we travelled extensively through our Abruzzo looking for a piece of land. When we arrived in Contrada Vasca, Pietranico, it was love at first sight. A deep sense of peace and freedom. Silence of wind and wild animals. An intimate immersion in the realm of Nature. A remote corner, almost a hermitage, far from the interference of modernity. There are olive trees and lot of wood, but there no vineyard. Doesn't matter. We will plant it, we will choose it, we will grow it. This is where Caprera shall be born.

Our journey

First olive oil campaign

In 2013 we started to farm the land and concluded our first olive oil campaign.

First two vineyards

In 2014 we planted our first two vineyards: almost one hectare of Montepulciano grapes, and half a hectare of Trebbiano grapes.

First grape harvest

In 2016, after four years, we finally harvested the first grapes. That same year we planted two other vineyards. While the farm organism that we imagined was taking its shape, the future would be filled with ideas and projects.

First bottles

By the beginning of 2018 our first vintage was entirely bottled and ready to meet new tasters.

The new cellar

Finally we begin to build our new cellar.
It will rise up in Caprera, on top of our Montepulciano vineyard, where everything started.
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